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Encounter with Minotauros”

Body Resonance, based on Butoh Dance and Organic Movement

With Authentic Movement Session!  


Workshop 31.July - 5.August 2022 (6 days)

led by Yumiko Yoshioka and Annalisa Maggiani

arrival July 30, departure August 5, if you are not from this area

3 hours in the morning, 3 hours in the afternoon

Organization: Annalisa Maggiani


Place of the Worskhop: Moncigoli- Lunigiana (La Spezia- Italy) 

Farmhouse with swimming pool, surrounded by nature, with streams and the possibility of walking between villages and mountains 20 km from the sea


The closest airport is Pisa and take a train to Aulla 

The number of the participants : 14


About the workshop

Belonging to a third generation of Butoh artists, Yumiko Yoshioka has developed a personal style of bodywork called Body Resonance, which integrates Butoh practice, inspired by Noguchi Taiso gymnastics and various other Asian training methods to help prepare the body to receive and transmit dance and creation. 

Body Resonance starts from the idea that the world, including our body and soul, consists of vibrational waves that create constant resonances like echoes. When we tune our body to that frequency, we receive images, feelings and sensations accordingly. For this to happen, we need first to shake off unnecessary tension. In effect, we make a white canvas of our body to paint new colour on it. I teach this as neutralization, encouraging a close-to-zero state, scouring off rust and polishing antenna to catch waves from profound layers of the body. The transformations and concentrations of dancing break up the eggshell of form. They melt down the armour of our ego, allowing resonant memories to emerge from our cells that are floating in the primal liquid of time.

Yumiko Yoshioka is a Japanese Butoh dancer and choreographer from Tokyo. Since 1988 she has been based in Germany. Yumiko is a former member of Ariadone, the first female Butoh company, which was founded by Ko Murobushi and Carlotta Ikeda in 1974. In 1978, she performed with Ko and Carolotta in Paris, LE DERNIER EDEN – PORTE DE L’AU-DELA, the very first Butoh performance to be presented in a public theatre outside Japan. In 1988 she met Minako Seki and delta RA’i in Berlin, with whom she founded tatoeba THÉÂTRE DANCE GROTESQUE. Yumiko founded the art-formation group "TEN PEN CHii  art labor" with visual artist Joachim Manger (Germany) and music composer, Zam Johnson (USA). Many other collaboration with international artists and dancers encouraged Yumiko to start to unfold her own personal style of dancing and choreography.


Buoh- Performance- Project

In the workshop we also work  with improvisations and choreographic composition on the theme of the meeting with the Minotaur - the fear of physical encounter in the Pandemic  Time and its resonances in our life.  Each dancer will be able to give his artistic support


Reservation: Annalisa Maggiani -   

More info:  Annalisa - mobile/whatsapp: +49-176-63304564  

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to write to me.


We hope it will take place (We'll make a decision  in the end of May)


Cari saluti and take care

Yumiko and Annalisa  

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